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Pueblo of Zuni    |    PO Box 339   |   1203B State HWY. 53    |    Zuni, NM 87327   |   Phone: 505-782-7000    |    Fax: 505-782-7202

Tribal Programs

Department of Natural Resources

Visit the Pueblo of Zuni Fish and Wildlife Dept. for more information.

Phone: (505) 782-5851
Fax: (505) 782-2726

Service Available: Hunting, fishing, camping, boating, and hiking.

Location: Bldg #2, Highway 301 North, Located just off Hwy 53 next to the Zuni Fairgrounds.

Who is eligible for Services: Most big game hunting licenses are for Zuni Tribal members only, but all fishing and a limited number of big game permits can be purchased by the general public.

Department Activities: The Zuni Fish and Wildlife Department has managed and protected Zuni Tribal lands since 1968. In the past 5 years, we have established a reputation as one of the most innovative and productive tribal wildlife management agencies in the country. We have become national leaders on issues such as tribal management of endangered species and migratory birds, riparian restroration, wetlands protection (we have been nominated for a national wetlands management award by the U.S. EPA), and tribal use of eagles. Some of the projects which we have completed over the last 5 years include:

  • The Zuni Community Live Eagle Project (the first and only in North America)
  • Creation of sensitive species and law enforcement MOAs with the US Fish & Wildlife Service
  • Establishment of a wildlife habitat restoration program
  • Initiation of prescribed fire program
  • Wild turkey reintroduction
  • Establishment of a Riparian/wetlands restoration program
  • The initiation of a program to construct wetlands from sewage effluent
  • Establishment of a trophy big game hunting program
  • Membership on the federal southwestern willow flycatcher recovery team
  • Membership on the USDA New Mexico State Technical Committee
  • Establishment of a wildlife research program

Hunting and Fishing: The department offers a variety of hunting and fishing opportunities. Hunting permits for the general public are available for dove, waterfowl, small game, coyotes, and predator calling.

Big game: Tags are available on a limited basis, but the hunting opportunities are outstanding. Bow, muzzleloader, and rifle hunters will enjoy the challenge of hunting in this spectacular setting. Several 400+ elk have been taken on the reservation in recent years and our elk population is expanding. Please call the department for details and current prices of permits.

Fishing: 4 lakes are stocked with cutthroat and rainbow trout, channel catfish, largemouth bass, and northern pike. We offer some of the best fishing opportunities in northwest New Mexico.

Special Annual Events: Free fishing day at some lakes is often on Father's Day or Mother's Day (check the annual proclamation for details).

Funding: Primary funding sources include Tribal and BIA funds. Additionally, we operate several programs on grants from the U.S. EPA, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, several private foundations, and revenue generated from hunting and fishing licenses.

Alexander Seotewa's 8X8 Bull Elk scored 423(sci) Lucky Hannaweeke pictured with Mule deer buck taken during the 1998 big game hunting season. The Zuni community eagle aviary is the first and only Native American operated such facility in the country. Young fisherman with bass taken from Ojo Caliente lake.

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Environmental Protection Program

Phone:(505) 782-2484

The Mission of the Zuni Environmental Protection Agency is to provide an integrated approach to environmental protection for the Zuni community through education, regulation, and sound project development; as well as to speak on behalf of the Zuni People on Environmental Protection issues that affect our people, our land, our water, and our air.

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Food Distribution Program

Phone:(505) 782-4463
Fax: (505) 782-2767

Services Available: The program provides food packages consisting of canned and frozen meats, canned and fresh vegatables & fruits, juices, bread & dairy products.

Location: 103 7th Street, Black Rock (three miles east of Zuni Pueblo)

Eligibility: Low income households not participating on the Food Stamps.

Brief Description: We serve eligible households whose applications are tested based on USDA Criteria, prepare and issue food items of their choice, provide nutrition & health information and coordinate cooking sessions with ENMU Cooperative Extension.

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Teen Health Center

Phone: (505) 782-5719
Fax: (505) 782-5735

Services Available: Outpatient primary medical care, behavioral health counseling, Medicaid on-site assistance, academic guidance, health education and referral services are available at the Center.

Eligibility: Youth enrolled in secondary classes or in transition to continuing education.

Description of Activities:

  • Medical - School and Sports Physicals, Family Planning, Prenatal/Postpartum Care, Diet/Weight Control Counseling, Blood Glucose Screening, Diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases, treatment of acne/skin problems, and general medical care.
  • Behavioral Health - The Center's Teen Advisory Board is a youth group who provide input, planning, and implementation of youth activities such as attending summer science and math camps, mentoring, outdoor camping, hiking, rafting and so forth. Behavioral guidance and case management services are provided to court referred clients. Individual and group sessions are available to youth and their families regarding emotional concerns, crisis intervention, coordination of inpatient treatment care, and academic guidance.
  • Health Education - Presentations on various health subjects are presented to students at the community schools upon request by the classroom teacher and at the Center. Activities are conducted by Center staff to promote wellness. Program staff participate at local health fairs to distribute health education materials.

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Zuni Education and Career Development Center

Visit the Zuni Education and Career Development Center Website for more information.

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Zuni Recovery Center

Phone:(505) 782-4710 or (505) 782-4717
Fax: (505) 782-5880 or (505) 782-4181

Services available: Outpatient counseling for substance abuse, including individual, group, and family counseling. Initial screening and assessment, referral to appropriate treatment services that may include, Driving While Impaired (DWI) School, long-term rehabilitation, and aftercare services.
The center also provides prevention services substance abuse prevention services for schools, tribal staff, and for the community, in general.

Location: 99 D Avenue Black Rock (Four miles east of Zuni Pueblo)

Eligibility: Native Americans experiencing substance abuse problems.

Activities: Community outreach, counseling services available for adolescents and adults, Intensive Outpatient group counseling sessions (IOP), recreational activities, cultural counseling, and BABES (Beginning Alcoholism and Addictions Basic Education Series).

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Zuni Senior Citizen Center

Phone: (505) 782-5541 or (505) 782-5542
Fax: 505-782-5678

Services Available: The Senior Center provides the following services to the elderly: Nutrition, Home Delivered Meals, Congregate Meals, Transportation, Outreach, Information & Assistance, Home Maker Chores, Companionship, Disease Prevention/ Health Promotion Activities, Education, Social and Recreation, Culture and Traditional Values, Intergenerational Activities, Escort, Social Security Information, Veteran’s Benefits and many more. The Zuni Senior Center administers six programs: Title VI Nutrition for the Elderly; Zuni Senior Companion Volunteer Program, Zuni Foster Grandparent Volunteer Program, CSBG; Title V Older Worker Program; and the State Title VI Program.

The Zuni Senior Center is defined as a place where older persons can meet together, receive services and participate in activities that will enhance their dignity, support their independence and encourage their involvement in and with the community. The Zuni Senior Center is part of the community’s planning and service delivery structure; as such, it works with other local agencies for the coordination of a comprehensive set of services that meet the needs of older persons and offers information and learning opportunities about aging to interested person.

The services that are provided are developed into activity programs designed to enhance the quality of life with activities that are meaningful to all participants. The ultimate goal is to provide adequate recreational services which teach skills for leisure use: offers insurance against loneliness; give opportunity to maintain or renew self-respect: gives opportunities to learn ways of improving one’s health and teaches the older adults that they will have a significant voice in the affairs of the community. Also, the Center must nurture, foster, encourage independence and self-direction.

Location: The Zuni Senior Center is located just as you are entering Zuni Pueblo, beneath the Zuni Corn Mountain. It is a new facility, which opened in January of 1999. The Zuni Senior Center is part of the Zuni Tribal Organization and is under the Department of Health and Human Services. The goals and objectives of the program is to provide services to our Zuni elderly in maintaining a quality life with as much independence and dignity as possible.

Funding & Who is eligible for Services: The Pueblo of Zuni Senior Center Elderly Services will continue to provide services to Zuni Indian Elderly age 60 years old and over, in the following categories:

  • Zuni Title IV Nutrition for Indian elderly - Federally Funded Program - State Funded Program. Provides nutritious meals to congregate and homebound elderly, including supportive services, such as transportation, outreach, visiting, telephoning, family support, homemaker chores, legal assistance, personal services and wood chopping.
  • Zuni Senior Companion Volunteer Program - Federally Funded with Local Matching Funds. Create part-time stipend volunteer community service opportunities for low-income persons aged 60 and over. Provide supportive person-to-person services to assist adults having exceptional needs, developmental disabilities or other special needs for companionship.
  • Zuni Foster Grandparent Volunteer Program - Federally Funded with Local Matching Funds. The program’s primary purpose is to provide opportunities for low-income persons aged 60 or over to provide supportive one-to-one services in health, education, welfare or related settings to alleviate the physical, mental or emotional problems of children having special or exceptional needs at the local schools.
  • Community Services Block Grant - (CSBG) This grant provides financial assistance to the administration and operation of the Zuni Senior Center. All of the above program’s funding are limited and is not economically feasible to hire separate staffing for each program. This grant will serve as a supplement.
  • Title V Volder Worker Program - Create part-time training programs for people age 55 and older to get into the work force.

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Zuni Wellness Center

Phone:(505) 782-2665

The Zuni Diabetes Project-Wellness Center provides a comprehensive program of fitness services, health promotion and diabetes prevention activities for youth and adults. The program serves over 1000 participants a month and is staffed by 7 full-time certified fitness instructors. One of the Center’s goal is to offer safe and appropriate exercise programs. Community-based exercise programs, cardiovascular cross training, weight lifting circuits, aerobic dance classes and individualized and group education are key activities. The Zuni Wellness Center is a Public Law 93-638 contracted program and managed by the Zuni Tribe under the Health Department.

The Zuni Wellness Center services are provided for healthy adults, individuals at high risks and for individuals with known disease. A screening process includes the completion of a health questionnaire, optional fitness assessments and measurements of blood glucose and blood pressure. Another goal of the Wellness Center is to guide and motivate people with diabetes in controlling their condition with lifestyle modifications as an adjunct to pharmacologic management of their disease. Recruitment for individuals with diabetes occurs at the scheduled diabetes clinic on Thursday at the Zuni/Ramah Service Unit . Transportation is provided to individuals referred to the Wellness Center from the hospital or from other agencies. The Wellness Center staff coordinate with other tribal community-based programs and schools to share resources and expertise in disease prevention activity.

The Zuni Wellness Center has produced outstanding results demonstrated by high attendance numbers and lifestyle changes. Participation in a community-based exercise program has shown to produce significant weight loss, improvement in glycemic control and reduction in risk of developing diabetes. Various program components of the Wellness Center has been replicated in other tribal communities. Special health promotion events like the “100 Mile Club”, “The Human Race, Zuni Fitness Challenge”, and weight reduction programs like “The Holiday Eating Learning Program” have been exported to other Native communities. The Wellness Center has proven that a well designed, community-based, tribally controlled program, staffed by highly trained and motivated staff can have an impact on diabetes and related diseases. The Zuni Wellness Center has earned national and international recognition as a successful program promoting wellness and health in Zuni and among other native people in the United States and Canada.

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Zuni Headstart

Phone:(505) 782-5758

The Tribal Head Start program serves over 150 Zuni preschool students. The district provides special education staff for 3-5 year olds with disabilities in the mainstreamed program. Head Start has many parent training programs, volunteer activities and programs open to the community.

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Dive Into Prevention Strategies (DIPS) Program

Phone:(505) 782-3095

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Healthy Lifestyles Program

Phone:(505) 782-2299

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Phone: (505) 782-4200 or (505) 782-4832 or (505) 782-4833

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New Beginning

Phone:(505) 782-4600 or (505) 782-4919

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Planning and Development

Phone:(505) 782-3054

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Zuni Public Library

Phone:(505) 782-4575

Visit the Public Library Website for more information.

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KSHI 90.9 FM-Radio Station

Phone:(505) 782-4144

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Zuni Transfer Station

Phone:(505) 782-4986

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Zuni Tribal Census Office

Phone:(505) 782-7071

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Zuni Water Dept.

Phone:(505) 782-5654

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WIC Program

Phone:(505) 782-2929

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Zuni Conservation Project

Phone:(505) 782-5852

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Zuni Meth & Suicide Prevention Initiative (MSPI)

Phone:(505) 782-2251

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