Zuni Education and Career Development Center


In October 1, 2000, the Pueblo of Zuni integrated nine (9) programs to transition under Public Law 102-477, which is the Indian Employment, Training and Relevant Services Demonstration Act of 1992. The following federal agencies provide funding for the programs that were consolidated to establish a program called the Zuni Education and Career Development Center (ZECDC).

*Department of Labor

*Bureau of Indian Affairs
Workforce Investment Act (WIA)
Higher Education
-Adult Work Experience
Job Placement Training Program
-Youth Work Experience
General Assistance (GA)
* Department of Health & Human Services
Child Care Development Fund Program
Native Employment Works (NEW)
Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)
Welfare to Work *no longer funded


We will preserve our sovereignty, culture, and traditions by acknowledging activities and tailoring the program to the needs of our Zuni community.
We will promote opportunities for self-awareness, independence, and healthy lifestyles, through the delivery of comprehensive services with respect and compassion.


We will empower participants and their families to become active, motivated, confident, successful, and productive members of our Zuni community, by providing access to resources, and economic development opportunities.


The Zuni 477 Program operates a one-stop point of contact and delivery of services for three (3) categories of direct services identified below:

*Employment & Training Component

*Education & Training Component
Adult Work Experience
Higher Education Scholarships
Youth Work Experience
Job Placement & Training Funding
Classroom Training
Career Guidance and Advisement
Volunteer Work
Federal Financial Aid Assistance
Job Search
Referral for ABE/GED
Referral to GED/ABE Programs
*Supportive Services Component
*Other Services Provided:
  • Financial Assistance
  • General Assistance
  • TANF
  • Low Income Home Energy Assistance
  • To Assist with primary source of heating (No Deadline)
Child Care Services
Minor Vehicle Repair
Relocation Assistance
Tuition, Books, Supplies
Transportation Passes
Eyewear Assistance
Uniforms (Job Required)
Basic Work Tools
GED Test Fees
Testing/Licensure Fees


The established service area for the ZECDC is the Zuni Indian Reservation, which includes the communities of Zuni Pueblo and Black Rock. The eligible service population includes:

  • Zuni enrolled tribal members

  • Members of other federally recognized Native American tribes residing on the reservation to be eligible for all services except for TANF.


Single intake and application to determine eligibility. If eligible, the application for services is good one (1) year.

Applicants must provide proof of age, Indian citizenship: tribal enrollment or Indian certification, educational attainment (if applicable) and proof of residency within the service area.

Applicants must provide proof of individual, family or household income, which may include self-employment earning records, receipt of public assistance and disability benefits.

All eligible participants must actively participate in approved educational, training and work activities to maintain eligibility for all assistance payments and services.

Aside from GA & TANF benefits all participants must remain in good standing status to receive support services.