Recommended Reading

"Pedro Pino" by E.Richard Hart
Biography of Pedro Pino who was governor of Zuni from 1830 to 1878.  Excellent source for Zuni history.

"A Zuni Atlas" by T. J. Ferguson and E. Richard Hart
Zuni history

"The Zuni" by Edmund J. Ladd
History, general information.  Children's book.

"The Zunis, Self-portrayals"  Alvina Quam, Editor
Stories of myth, prophecy and history by the Zuni people.

"Journeys Home: Revealing a Zuni-Appalachia Collaboration"
Edited by Dudley Cocke, Donna Porterfield and Edward Wemytewa
Folktales, plays, bilingual.  Includes a CD.

"The Zunis of Cibola" by C. Gregory Crampton
Zuni history

"A Zuni Life" by  Virgil Wyaco

"Idonapshe:  Lets eat.  Traditional Zuni Foods" by Rita Edaakie
Recipes, folklore, linguistic information.

"Zuni, A Village of Silversmiths"
by James Ostler, Marian Rodee and Milford Nahohai
Zuni jewelry and artists

"Dialogues with Zuni Potters" by Milford Nahohai and Elisa Phelps
Zuni pottery and potters

"Zuni Fetishes & Carvings" by Kent McManis

"Zuni Pottery" by Marian Rodee and James Ostler