Pueblo of Zuni

Zuni Education and Career Development Center

01 Twin Buttes Drive
P.O.Box 339
Zuni, New Mexico 87327
Phone: (505) 782-5998 or (505) 782-5909
Fax: (505) 782-6080


        ZECDC primary goals to:
1. Reduce barriers through effective assessment and referrals through the delivery of education, employment, and job training. Also related programs to residents of the tribal service area, by collaborating and providing outreach to access services, and advocating for participants.
2. Enhance life, works skills by providing personal, and family development workshops to improve effective problem solving. Translating transferable skills to participants of ownership, to become self-sufficient. 
3. Promote job readiness through dependability, self-advocacy, and resulting in sustainable employment for eligible participants. 

Career fair



The program is structured to be a true one-stop point of contact and delivery of three (3) major functional categories of direct services to carry out the three (3) primary goals previously started. The coordinated responses of three (3) components will address any given needs as presented by eligible participants.

Employment & Training Component

Adult Work Experience
Youth Work Experience
Classroom Training
Volunteer Work
Job Search
Referral to GED/ABE Programs

Education & Training Component

Higher Education Scholarships
Job Placement & Training Funding
Career Guidance and Advisement
Federal Financial Aid Assistance
Referral for ABE/GED
Supportive Services Component

Financial Assistance
General Assistance
Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)

Child Care Services
Minor Vehicle Repair
Relocation Assistance
Tuition, Books, Supplies
Transportation Passes
Eyewear Assistance
Uniforms (Job Required)
Basic Work Tools
GED Test Fees
Testing/Licensure Fees
Other Services Provided

Low Income Home Energy Assistance
To Assist with primary source of heating (No Deadline)

Winter Supplies Drive

Thanksgiving Food Drive

 Annual Healthy Relationships Conference

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