Caregiver Support Program

The Caregiver Program provides training, education services, personal care services, counseling and respite services for persons caring for frail elders and disabled persons in their homes and to have the elders remain in the comfort of their home. A:shiwi Alliance is the caregiver support group that meet monthly at the Zuni Senior Center. Caregiver Outreach workers are out in the community providing services to elders who are home-bound.

Zuni Senior Volunteer Programs

  • Senior Companion Program
  • Foster Grandparent Program

Senior Companion Program

The program's dual purpose to create part-time stipend volunteer's community service opportunities for low-income person aged 60 and over and to provide supportive person-to-person services to assist adults having exceptional needs, development disabilities, or other special needs for companionship.

Foster Grandparent Program

The program's primary purpose is to provide opportunities for low-income persons aged 60 and over to provide supportive person-to-person services in health, education, and welfare or related settings to alleviate the physical, mental or emotional problems of children having special or exceptional needs at local schools.

Community Services Block Grant (CSBG)

This new grant provides support services to the Title Services with additional funds for staffing and the more needed one-to-one services to Elders in the community.

Other Services Provided Legal Services

The New Mexico Legal Aid provides legal services with a legal representative that comes to the Senior Center every other Thursday of each month. Contact the Senior Center to make an appointment.