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Heating Safety

Winter weather is upon us, time to prepare our homes. Take a look at a few simple safety tips and precautions to help protect your home and family.

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Dips Cooking Sessions

Come join the DIPS cooking sessions on Thurdays at the DIPS Kitchen, 5:30 pm the Cooking sessions are are open to the community of Zuni. So come by and help make and taste a dish you help prepared.

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No Vending Memorandum

Effective Monday October 23, 2017 there will be NO vending on the south side of the parking lot in front of the Tribal Building

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DIPS Program Cooking Challenge

Join and learn to make dishes that are delicious and healthy. Come by the DIPS Program to sign up for this challenge and earn an incentive at the end of the program.

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Sports Physicals

Call Teen Health & Family Wellness Center At 782-5719 To Schedule An Appointment.

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Fish and Wildlife Tribal Big Game Hunting

Important information you need to know before applying and hunting on the Zuni Reservation..

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2017 Tribal Big Game Drawing List
Big Game Hunting Ineligible List

Solid Waste Management Ordinance

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Ft.Wingate Land Transfer

Statement from Governor Val R. Panteah on the recent passage of Fort Wingate Land Transfer Bill.

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From the Office of Safety and Injury Prevention Program

Various Safety and Injury Prevention.

From the Office of Bureau of Indian Affairs, Zuni Agency

Stage I Fire Restrictions Rescinded

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Public Notice-Zuni Tribal Court Decision

Zuni Tribal Court decision upholding supremacy of Zuni constitution affirmed by SWITCA.

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The Pia Mesa Waste site is back open for the community of zuni, this site is for disposal of yard waste, and certain restrictions do apply when using this disposal site. Certainly NO construction waste such as lumber, shingles, trash, etc. As for the dead animal pit, there is NO plastics or buckets allowed, and video surveillance will be used to monitor the site.

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